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Free yourself from tire kickers.

Instant response for customers.

What will CostEmate do for my organisation?

Gives everyone the info they need

As customers use the online Web-app, they become educated on what to expect. You get customer contact and job details.

Asks the right questions every time

Whether your customer is online using your CostEmate Web-app or talking to your staff, the service will provide intelligent questions to give the best cost estimate.

Reduces tme wasters

CostEmate educates & pre-qualifies customers before you pick up the phone. You'll only need to spend time with serious clients.

"World's best online estimate service!"

Fewer steps for your customers, giant leaps for your business.

1. Interested folk use your CostEmate Web-app


Accessible, easy to use

2. Gives them an instant CostEmate for your service/product


Records customer responses

3. System sends you a copy with follow-up details


Prioritise serious customers

Your automatic sales assistant for instant online estimates

It's like an extra person gathering and evaluating job details, giving your customers instant ballpark figures. CostEmate does the grunt work for you quicker and cheaper than answering phones, or enables more people to answer your phones.

Easy & affordable - setup is done for you

  • No expensive custom programming required.
  • Intelligently combines a list of your offerings with a questionnaire
  • Supports multipart questions for product/service combinations

Capture customer information automatically

  • Start with job details in hand
  • Reduce lengthy phone calls
  • Increase accuracy
  • Fewer / faster site inspections

Easy for non-techies

  • Works with your email
  • No app installations
  • Designed for mobiles
  • Accessible user interface

Instant engagement with your customers 24/7

  • Handles standard ‘ball-park’ inquiries
  • Reduces time to quote
  • Provides out-of-hours service
  • Decreases COVID-19 contact
  • Improves customer engagement
How it works simplified


What's the difference between DocBlaster CostEmate and a price list?

DocBlaster CostEmate uses a questionnaire to help your customers understand what they need, matching their answers to your offerings. Based on this, an estimate of costs, savings or specific information is automatically created and sent to them, while their details are sent to you.

How does DocBlaster CostEmate work?

Multi-factor customer choices and inputs are automatically matched with your product and service components to create comprehensive cost/savings estimates or reports automatically. Their information is accurately captured for your organisation, with a choice of follow-up options.

How soon will I make my money back from DocBlaster CostEmate?

Assuming your business does an average of one quote per day, if it saves you 15 hours per month, DocBlaster CostEmate could have paid for itself and you could be saving money in less than 8 weeks. Of course results will vary.

What are the ongoing costs?

There is an AUD $1 charge per completed DocBlaster CostEmate.

How do I start with DocBlaster CostEmate?

It's best if we make your first CostEmate for you. You will need to supply us with a list of questions you presently ask your customers, your company logo, and a price structure for your offerings. We are working on making it easy to modify this whenever you like, or ask us to do it for you.

How long will it take before my DocBlaster CostEmate is operational?

Usually less than a week from start to finish, but please ask if you need it sooner.

What is the set-up process?

In consultation with you, we refine your questions, assign cost structures or parts of cost structures to the answers and format a report template on which your CostEmates will be based, including totals, global discounts, taxes, charges and other calculations. We are working on letting you change DocBlaster CostEmate yourself by updating your questions, price structure or output report template we have made for you. Or you can ask us to do it.

Can I get at my data?

Yes. You are automatically emailed an access link to your CostEmates. All information collected can be also conveniently hooked into a cardwall for you to view at any time. This helps you keep track of jobs and customers. You can also access JSON raw data or CSV format to use with your favourite programs.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results will of course vary, but we have seen deal closure rates soar from 1 in 5, to 1 in 2, after the prospect was qualified using DoBlaster CostEmate. We have also seen the time it takes to make quotes cut by more than half with many of the details already in hand.

How will people find my DocBlaster CostEmate?

We provide a URL which you can use with your website, Facebook, Google, print on your business cards, or SMS to your inquiries. Your receptionist can also use your DocBlaster CostEmate to provide estimates over the phone, while at the same time capturing the prospect's details and many of their job details.

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