DocBlaster Benefits


More than a third never open emails or letters from their fund: "We know that for the younger cohort of people — 18–34, that rises to 52 per cent"

- Australian Broadcasting Corporation report, 26 June 2019


"The most opened emails are related to hobbies, with an open rate of 27.35%. Emails sent by government entities come in second, with a 26.52% open rate"

- Mailchimp, Email Marketing Benchmarks 2019


"64% of consumers think that businesses should converse with customers more often using SMS... 70% feel using an SMS/text message is a good way for an organization to get their attention"

- Forbes 2014

Introducing DocBlaster Forms & Letters


More responses!

With DocBlaster, email is only one delivery option! Try SMS or social media for more instant responses!


More speed.

Completed forms sent to multiple people automatically - scanning, snail mail and manual email forwarding is out!


More privacy.

More secure than papers in your cabinet! DocBlaster's encrypted forms increase privacy - and we don't use your data except for you!


More mobile-only people

Docblaster can convert long emails into linked self-hosted documents for easy reading and filling on tablets and smart phones, reaching more mobile-only people!


More value.

More co$t-effective than paper printing - pay for what you use - with no lock-in contracts, subscriptions, per-user fees, equipment maintinance, consumables or waste.


More agility.

Immediately update everyone - for last-minute changes via SMS, social media or email - while on the go, even with your tablet.


More productivity.

Make a DocBlaster Form just by writing an email - no need for form-builder or website tools training!


More proof.

Your documents won't get lost or stuck in yesterday's IT systems! Get exact copies of information screens and responses bound and timestamped as PDF files!


More personal.

With DocBlaster you can individually sign your electronic letters easily. Your clients will know they are valuable when personally treated with a DocBlaster letter!


More environmental.

Paper printing is resource-hungry. DocBlaster works efficently with low power devices to save the planet.


More self-sufficient.

By interpreting natural language in email, complexity disappears - reducing the burden on IT staff!


More Millennials!

Communicate their way using links in SMS and social media! View/download anytime via the Web - plus Forms filled and signed using popular Web browsers.


More verification!

Did they read your report? Have every paragraph check-boxed or initialed if necessary, or just one signature at the end - however much you like!